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On the Issues

My approach to governing:
My approach is simple: I listen to you. I listen to residents’ views and take them into account in making decisions. I want to know what the community is thinking. And I want residents to know that their local government is here to respond to their needs. So I will engage with you and listen to you throughout the decision-making process. I have found that in the majority of cases, we all agree on the long-term objective, and the discussion of how to get there yields positive ideas and ways of moving forward. I am also accessible: I have held 17 Town Halls in my district and city-wide since being elected in 2014. In short, I represent the people of Newport Beach and I serve their interests. For this reason, I can proudly say I have built a broad base of supporters in the community. My guiding principle is “Do the right thing for the people of Newport Beach.”

My four top priorities as a council member:
1. Accelerate the pay-down of the city’s $330 million unfunded pension liability
2. Apply rigorous financial discipline to the city’s budgeting and fiscal management processes
3. Protect and enhance our quality of life
4. Keep our community safe

On the city’s debt and unfunded liabilities:
I believe we should pay down the city's unfunded pension liability as quickly as is possible and prudent.

On the city’s budget:
As Chair of the City’s Finance Committee, I have led the budget reviews of the city’s General Fund and its special funds. Additionally, I have worked with the city staff and my fellow council members to allocate budget surplus dollars to harbor improvement and neighborhood improvement, as well as to accelerated payments to reduce our unfunded pension liability. My position has been clear: keep spending flat year to year, excluding the mandated costs of our employee agreements and other contractual obligations. The City Council has passed a balanced budget every year and has held the employee head count flat – and down significantly from 10 years ago.

On the airport:
I support the 1985 John Wayne Airport settlement agreement and its extensions as agreed by the county, the FAA and the city. However, it is critical that the city and the community remain vigilant in our efforts to address the key issues of flight paths, noise and noise monitoring, takeoff acceleration and any other issues that affect our quality of life, especially for those whose lives are affected daily.

It is also very important for the residents to continue to speak up and work with all the levels of government involved. What has been accomplished in the settlement agreement process and other forums over the years has been a direct result of active citizenship, and it must be continued.

On the General Plan:
I have three general statements of principle:

1. I support property rights - for both residential property owners and commercial property owners.
2. I also firmly believe that the interests of business and the interests of residents are not opposed. A strong local economy supports the property values of all, as well as providing the tax base that allows the city to maintain high standards and quality of services for all.
3. I support responsible planning for conservative development in Newport Beach, as outlined in the General Plan. So I look forward to participating on the General Plan Update scheduled for 2018.

On the Harbor:
Our beautiful Newport Harbor is one of the city’s most important economic assets. I strongly support programs and resources to ensure our harbor water quality and infrastructure are protected, maintained and improved.

On water quality:
I support efforts to ensure our water quality is protected - in the harbor, in the Back Bay and along our beaches. These efforts should include increased testing and appropriate treatment of water entering the Back Bay, working with upstream cities and the county. I served as Chair of the City’s Water Quality and Tidelands Management Committee for two years and have a good understanding and appreciation of the long-term investment necessary to protect our waters.

On reducing crime in the city and the Peninsula:
I am pleased that the City Council supported my efforts in 2015 to restore to the Peninsula four of the eight uniformed police officer positions eliminated in the 2008 recession. Many factors influence the city’s rising crime rate today and law enforcement visibility is a key deterrent. I believe we have an exceptional police department made up of committed men and women dedicated to the community’s safety. Our job is to honor their service and to provide them with the best tools and equipment to do their jobs well and keep us safe.

On economic development:
I am an enthusiastic supporter of our business community and I want to ensure our businesses succeed. I work closely with the city’s Community Development Department to ensure that our planning and permitting processes are smooth, efficient and responsive. Our new Business Ambassador program provides one-stop handling by a staff ambassador to ensure a project is processed expeditiously and cost effectively. I am a fervent supporter of a revitalized Balboa Peninsula business community – including Lido Marina Village, McFadden Square/Newport Pier and Balboa Village. Public and private cooperative investments, for example Marina Park and the Lido House Hotel, have become economic engines that bring a renewed vitality and vibrancy to our entire city. Our local business success contributes to our sales tax base, and we all benefit.

On raising Balboa Island sea wall against the rising sea level:
The City Council has alotted more than $3 million in 2017-18 to begin to repair and replace the city’s 70-year-old sea walls. The city is committed to funding sea wall repair, maintenance and replacement for decades to come, to meet the needs of the next 30 to 50 years.

Art in our community:
I support allocating a portion of city general funds to support our Arts Commission and the programs they bring to our community. I believe that the funds we are currently allocating provides a significant foundation for an exciting arts and culture program for the residents of Newport Beach. I would like to see more private/public partnerships to support our arts and culture programs if the community supports the need.



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