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About Diane Dixon

My earliest interest in politics and government began with the 1960 presidential election. I believe in limited government, small budgets and the power of the people to make their local government work for them, by them and with them. It takes commitment, determination and a willingness to be accountable to have an active role in our government. I have all three.

I have a political science degree from USC (1973, Honors) and a 30-year career as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 public company - managing at the intersection of business and government. I have run my own consulting firm and know the challenges of small businesses. A core competency of mine has been to establish connections among business, government, communities and nonprofit organizations. I have spent over 40 years engaging communities, stakeholders, employees, shareholders and public officials in the pursuit of good government, good policy and stronger communities.

I have a four-decade commitment to community leadership. I have served over 30 years on community boards: United Way, YMCA, public television, USC Board of Councilors and Alumni Association, educational institutions, child service agencies and health-related organizations. I know how nonprofit organizations work together with local government and businesses to accomplish goals to improve our communities.

My husband of almost 39 years has had a successful career in criminal justice prosecution. Pat served for 38 years in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, including 15 years as head of the office’s Major Crimes unit and almost three years as Assistant District Attorney. Our entire married life has been associated with keeping our communities safe through a commitment to public service and community leadership.

Our only child, Colleen Brooks Tompkins, was a prosecutor with the Manhattan (NY) District Attorney's office. Colleen and her husband Graves Tompkins are the parents of our grandson, Brooks Tompkins--a joyful addition to our family in 2012.

Public service and politics are my life-long passions. I am grateful to have good health, support of my family and the time and energy to give 100 percent to serving as your City Council representative. Newport Beach is an exceptional community where my husband and I chose to live, many years ago (Pat is also a former beach lifeguard of 25 years and spent many summers of his youth with his family on Balboa Peninsula). We purchased our home in Lido Isle in 2011 and moved here permanently in early 2013. Newport Beach is our “last stop," the end of the rainbow.¬†We want Newport Beach to remain an extraordinary community.

I was privileged to participate in a six-week program "Engage with City Hall" sponsored by the Newport Beach Foundation to learn about issues and operations of our City government. Each department head presented an in depth review of his/her function's strategy, budget and operations. It was a good use of my time to enhance my knowledge of Newport Beach's local government and key issues that affect all residents and taxpayers.


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